Support Circle Groups

Support Circle is a group for young women that facilitates a safe and comforting place to discuss everyday issues women face. The group runs 5 weeks long, on one day per week for 90 minutes, and addresses a different topic each week, with time for discussion. The group is limited to 4-8 women and topics include, body image and self esteem, healthy versus unhealthy relationships, sexuality, coping skills and triggers for depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., and how to deal with everyday conflict and questions.

In order to join the group, a 30-60 minute consultation is required with Heather or Cait in order to discuss the group, answer questions, and determine “goodness of fit” for each woman. This is a great way for the facilitator to get to know each woman and her needs so I can tailor the group to meet them. Each woman is not required to participate in the discussion but is highly encouraged to do so to gain support for issues they are struggling with.

Eating Disorder Support Group

I have a group for eating disorders for ages 16+. Boys and girls, men and women are invited to attend this ongoing program dealing with restorative eating, discussing control, fears, anxieties, eating habits, and healthy coping skills. I partner with Eating Disorder Center of Denver when necessary to refer for a higher level of care as well.

Please call for information on times and starting dates for these groups!

Reviews of Support Circle

“Support Circle helped me identify my triggers for depression and anxiety and then develop coping skills to use so I didn’t feel so helpless. The other women in the group were really supportive. I was nervous about talking in front of the other women, but we came up with guidelines/rules to establish confidentiality and how to support each other.”  -Ash
“I loved going to the Support Circle group. It helped a lot knowing I had a safe place to talk about things that were bothering me and the other women did too. I even made a new friend out of it!”  – Kris
“My favorite part of Support Circle Group was learning about a new topic each week. I didn’t know what PTSD was or how I was experiencing it until the group. All of them women were so great to me and it turned out I wasn’t the only one going through some of my issues. This group helped me gain confidence and esteem I never thought I could!”  -Jean